Pipeline Travel Diaries – January 2017: Day 8

Day 8: Christophe Mbonyingabo and I went to get our gorilla trekking permits and grabbed a latte at Bourbon Coffee. Rwanda has the best coffee.❤️ We then spent the morning at the Genocide Memorial in Kigali. I’m amazed at how much I continue to learn at each visit! It’s hard to believe what happened here almost 23 years ago. If you don’t know then you should look up the Rwanda Genocide. We should all be aware.

We spent the afternoon with a newly formed cell group that has formed through CARSA’s reconciliation workshops. 10 of the members have received cows through the Cows for Peace program which continues to foster reconciliation to survivors and their direct perpetrators. It is overwhelming to hear their stories but also gives me hope to witness such testimonies of courage and forgiveness. Pipeline Worlwide is looking forward to donating 33 cows (so far) that we’ll visit on our July trip.

We ended the evening with a drink at Hotel Rwanda ( Des Mille Colline) then to dinner at Zen with new Rwanda friends. I’m excited to have found an organization that supports women’s sports and can use all our donations from Marion High School. What a small world.

Tomorrow starts with a 3:45 AM drive to go gorilla trekking. Just another adventure in this beautiful country!

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Pipeline Travel Diaries – January 2017: Day 6

Day 6: We started the day with a morning boat ride. We saw plenty of hippos, crocodiles and birds. We then hiked Murchison Falls which I think is the most beautiful place on earth. It brought back wonderful memories with my mom when we were here together last year.

We made our final journey back to Kampala where we spent our last night in Uganda. Today we depart for Rwanda.

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Pipeline Travel Diaries – January 2017: Day 5

Day 5: We stopped by St. Monica’s to say goodbye to Sr. Rosemary. Her sense of humor and energy is contagious. There is never enough time with her.

We headed for the safari lodge and had our second flat tire. It is so hot here so this is a common occurrence when the temperatures get like this. Luckily we have George Lingo on our team and he can fix anything!

We were greeted at the park entrance by a herd of elephants. They were so close. We also had an evening game drive and dinner with live entertainment. What a treat!

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Pipeline Travel Diaries: January 2017 Day 3

Day 3 – Much of the day was spent traveling to northern Uganda (Gulu). What should have been a 6 hour drive took longer due to a flat tire. This is all part of the Africa experience!

The Pipeline group made stops at The African Hospitality Institute and Cornerstone Leadership Academy to check on two of our borehole (water well) projects, ate lunch at Kabalega Diner, then fed some baboons after we crossed the Nile River.

The highlight of the day was spent with Sister Rosemary! She is such a humble and down to earth celebrity. And did I mention that she’s hilarious and fun? The guys modeled the newest Sewing Hope product. Then we shared a meal at her restaurant. There never seems to be a problem that is too big to solve nor does she lose the passion or energy to keep trying. No wonder she’s one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World”. She made the entire group feel so inspired!

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Pipeline Travel Diaries: January 2017 Day 2

Day 2 began by visiting Thread of Life (a women’s empowerment program in the Katanga Slum in Kampala). The Pipeline crew delivered aprons, dresses and shorts to the women and children that were made by Threads of Hope (a women’s sewing group at Scottsdale Bible). Jamie said it was “such a blessing to be the conduit between these two groups of beautiful women!”

They spent the afternoon with Bless a Child (an organization that cares for kids with cancer). Brian summarized it best when he said they should rename the organization “Bless a Guest”. A huge highlight for the group was meeting Kathy, a young 16 year old girl who was given 2 weeks to live a year ago. Although she has been bedridden the entire year, she shows incredible courage by encouraging and praying for others. The hope and joy that fills every inch of their campus is contagious!

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Pipeline Travel Diaries: January 2017 Day 1

Pipeline co-founder, Jamie Nollette, is currently on trip with a group of travelers in Uganda. One day 1, she alongside some of Pipeline’s dear partners, friends and board member, Brian Brooks of Thrivent Financial, hit the ground running by purchasing and installing computers at the Wakiso International Academy.

If you attended Wine 4 a Reason 2016, you will recall this was one of our projects we worked to fund. Keep an eye on the blog and the Pipeline Facebook page to follow Jamie and all of the travelers during the next two weeks.

Terence Crawford: My Fight

Our dear friend and supporter, Terence Crawford, will be fighting this Saturday in Las Vegas. If you won’t be in Las Vegas, you can watch his fight on HBO Pay Per View. Check out the incredible documentary HBO Boxing put together on Terence below. Added bonus: you’ll get to see Pipeline co-founder, Jamie Nollette’s friendly face. :)

Uganda 2016


The Pipeline travelers arrived in Uganda last Saturday, June 11th, and have had a whirlwind trip ever since. Their first day was spent with the organization Bless a Child. The children loved receiving coloring books and crayons, candy, soccer balls and loom bracelets. On day two, 34 mattresses (and all of the fixings) were purchased for the women of Thread of Life. You can learn more about these women by clicking here. The travelers were welcomed with open arms on day three in the Lira village. After the well dedication, dancing and a home-cooked meal – they were on their way to Gulu. Day four was spent in Gulu with the newest Bless a Child location as well as time at St. Monica’s with Time’s Top100 Most Influential people, Sister Rosemary. Her students were so happy to receive their new school uniforms and supplies for the upcoming year. Today was a very exciting day for the Pipeline team as they got to visit Krochet Kids and then set off on a safari. We’re so excited to hear what the travelers will be up to next. Stay tuned to the blog and Facebook to see the sustainable changes they are making across the globe!