Partner: Good News India
Project: Borehole for Dhenkanal Dream Center
Location: Dhenkanal, Orissa, India
Cost: $5,000

gniGood News India is the world’s largest network of 24/7 care centers for orphaned and destitute children that will see them through University or Vo-Tech training.  They currently own and operate 30 “Dream Center” and have rescued nearly 3,000 children and 500+ lepers from a life of utter hopelessness and quiet desperation.  A new dream center is being built and Dhenkanal.

Partner: Engineers Without Borders – ASU Chapter
Project: Hydraulics Lab for JOOUST (Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology)
Location: Bondo, Kenya
Cost: $14,000

ewbEngineers Without Borders ASU Chapter is installing a hydrology lab at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Unviersity of Science and Technology. EWB-ASU is empowering the community to analyze and solve their own water-related problems. Using the lab, the community will be able to predict drought risk, design effective irrigation systems, and to analyze the environmental impacts on their water supply. Approximately 50 new civil engineering students will receive direct instruction through this hydrology lab every year. This project will have an exponential effect on those affected indirectly, as those students graduate and become professional engineers that improve Kenyan water infrastructure and educate others.

Partner: Lira Village
Project: Borehole for village
Location: Lira, Uganda
Cost: $9,500

Lira is in Northern Uganda and is the fourth largest town in Uganda. This town was impacted by a near 20-year conflict led by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  They raided villages, burned homes, slaughtered civilians, and recruited child soldiers through abductions from the villages and schools of northern Uganda. Thousands of children were robbed of their childhood and, in many cases, of life itself. Boys and girls were turned into killers who became seared by the atrocities they saw and were forced to commit. Children as young as ten years old were taught to kill, often beginning with their own families.

During the height of the war, an estimated 20,000 fled to Lira in search of safety from the threat of the LRA. By day thousands filled the streets looking for food or work. By night, no one was found on the streets—no one except the hundreds of orphaned children who found a safe haven from life’s hardships under the city’s storefront verandas.

In 2006, peace talks put an end to the fighting, though Lira remained overwhelmed with people who had fled there to find a place of refuge. The town was overcrowded with tens of thousands of refugees seeking protection, needing food, shelter and medical attention.

The following year (2007) the government forced the closure of IDP camps in an effort to encourage the population to return to their homes or communities. However, since countless communities had been completely destroyed and families killed, many were left with nowhere to go and no one to go to. Orphans and widows were among the hardest hit, as they were left to fend for themselves —either on the streets in Lira or in the remains of dismantled IDP camps on the outskirts of town.

Pipeline is participating in the rebuilding of Lira by providing clean drinking water to one of their communities.

Partner: B & B Boxing Academy
Project: Gym renovation
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Cost: $500,000 Phase I

bbB & B Boxing Academy is a community-based athletic center that builds body, mind and character.  Expert, caring coaches help members reach goals inside and outside the ring.  Positive, structured activities teach confidence, discipline and healthy habits for a lifetime.

Partner: Sister Rosemary and Pros for Africa
Project: Water tower
Location: Gulu, Uganda
Cost: $16,500

Water Tower in GuluSister Rosemary Nyirumbe works in Northern Uganda and South Sudan to educate and support the women and children who were victimized by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  She has two schools currently, one in Gulu, Uganda and one in Atiak, Uganda, with a third under construction in Torit, South Sudan.

Pipeline Worldwide is going to rebuild a water tower at her school in Gulu, Uganda.

Partner: Tanzania Water Fund
Project: Borehole, pump, water tower, solar power, and pump house
Location: Singida, Tanzania
Cost: $16,500

TanzaniaWaterFundOver 50% of the rural population in Tanzania does not have access to clean water.  This creates a substantial healthcare problem with diseases and issues such as cholera, dysentery and diarrhea.  Additionally an enormous amount of labor is spent by women and children searching for water each day.  Tanzania Water Fund is addressing this issue by providing clean drinking water to 30 villages.  Each village is a $45,000 investment.

Partner: Cornerstone Leadership Academy
Project: Borehole
Location: Ekitangaala Ranch in Nakasongola District, Uganda
Cost: $12,000

CLA_Uganda_logo_colorCornerstone Leadership Academies are “Advanced Level” boarding, high schools that aim at molding young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, but with high potential – into future leaders. Their school at Ekitangaala Ranch is in need of a new borehole to serve their growing population.

Partner: Come Let’s Dance
Project: Send students to Double Portion Farm Vocational Training Center
Location: Wakiso, Uganda
Cost: $880/per student

dpfDouble Portion Farm is an 8 month training program designed to train poor, rural farmers. Students from partnering organizations (Sewing Hope and E3 Africa) will put their new skills to practice to create sustainability for their organization.

Partner: African Hospitality Institute
Project: Borehole
Location: Ekitangaala Ranch in Nakasongola District, Uganda
Cost: $12,000

ahiNew borehole for a vocational training program that trains Ugandan students interested in the hospitality industry.  They practice their new skill at their 10 room guesthouse that hosts international guests.

Partner: Chicken City Farms
Project: Rain Harvesting System
Location: Luweero, Uganda
Cost: $15,000

ccfChicken City Farms is a chicken farm that also provides young men and women the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to run a sustainable chicken farm.  Students live on site, work the farm, and learn valuable business skills.

They are also committed to building the community through various projects like providing clean water, adopting the local school, and creating many new jobs.

Partner: Thread of Life
Project: Katanga Slum Empowerment
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Cost: $7,500

mukisaThread of Life believes that poverty is never an excuse for abandoning a child, or offering them up for adoption. They seek to prevent these situations before they start. Their goal is to do whatever they can to get parents, mostly single mothers, to the place where they feel they can take care of their children, rather than feeling that they have to give their kids to somebody else to take care of. Their goal is to get to the root of the orphan cycle by creating jobs and providing tangible resources that enable people to better take care of themselves and their families. Click Here to learn more about the Thread of Life Women we are helping.