E3 Africa Water Tower

E3 Africa is a faith-based 501c3 charity organization committed to educating the orphaned, impoverished and often forgotten of Christ’s children in both mind and spirit.  We create one-to-one relationships between people with a desire to change the world and the children most in need of the life-changing gift of education.


Geographically our efforts are focused on the war torn regions of northern Uganda.  This focus is driven largely for two reasons: 1) our founder, Fr. Robert Aliunzi, is a native Ugandan and from Moyo (in the north), and 2) the northern regions of Uganda were the epicenter for conflict and genocide by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army.

E3 Africa currently sponsors nearly 200 children and has just recently broken ground on the first phase of St. Thomas Aquinas College, a secondary school.


The water town project is an incredible opportunity to improve upon the well, which was dug by Pipeline Worldwide previously.  On the school site in Moyo, we have a well; however, as construction on the school continues to move into full swing it becomes more difficult for the local village to access the well while it provides enough water for the construction team.  A water tower will allow the construction team to pump water at night for their work and the villagers to access the well during the day for clean drinking water.

E3 borehole

6 Interesting Facts

  1. Most of our children are impoverished or orphaned. They frequently suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence.  Our Executive Director, Joseph Ambayo, not only selects the right school for them, he provides counseling and moral support to help them adapt to the school.
  2. When Pipeline dug the well in 2015, girls from the surrounding villages were able to access clean water for the first time in their lives.  Traditionally, young girls traveled a long distance to haul water from the river.  The well has changed their lives.
  3. Most of our students speak multiple languages. Typically their tribal language, Swahili, and English.
  4. Our student Alumni group is now giving back by sponsoring a child on their own.
  5. Our students are successful.  98% graduate from secondary school.
  6. Our founder, Father Robert Aliunzi knows firsthand about poverty. He was orphaned at a young age and was unable to attend school because he could not afford tuition.  He would sneak into school and hide under a desk if the Headmaster came. He was beaten and humiliated if he was caught. His life changed when a missionary priest took pity on him and paid for his tuition.  This planted the seed in his mind to help other children get an education.