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Partner: Watoto,  

Location: Gulu, Uganda, Africa

Project: Provided water wells on the agricultural and livestock farms — the fresh produce and poultry feeds nearly 2,800 children under the care of Watoto. One of the water wells (at the Luube Farm) also provides clean water to the surrounding community of nearly 3,500 people.

Partner: Come Let’s Dance,

Location: Wakiso, Uganda, Africa

Project: Provided school supplies and dental hygiene kits to schoolchildren at Wakiso International Academy, which offers high-quality education at a very affordable price, is open to the public and serves children from the Katanga slums in greater Kampala. Also built a water well on the 20-acre Double Portion Farm to supply irrigation and a clean water source for the surrounding Katiti Village and its nearly 3,000 people.

Partner: City of Joy,

Location: Uganda, Africa

Project: Funded a water well in the City of Joy community. “We love our relationship with Pipeline and the organization’s commitment to sustainable change. Our neighborhood will benefit directly and powerfully from the clean water supplied by the well.” – Todd Ellingson, City of Joy Founder  

Partner: J.O.Y. Drilling Deliverance Church Uganda,

Location:Adjumani, Northern Uganda, Africa

Project: Built a water well in the Redeemer Nursery and Primary School  of Paridi Village, Cesia Parish Adjumani Town Council Adjumani District. This project was sponsored by Pipeline Worldwide and implemented by J.O.Y. Drilling Deliverance Church Uganda.

Partner: St. Monica’s Tailoring School,

Location: Atiak, Northern Uganda, Africa

Project: An African FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) boutique was set up at the entrance to the May 2015 Borderline event so attendees could purchase items to furnish a new dorm for Sister Rosemary’s girls in Northern Uganda. A group of Pipeliners later traveled to Africa to shop for additional furnishings to complete the dorm.

Partner: Chicken City Farms,

Location: Rural Central Uganda, Africa

Project: Raised money during the May 2015 Borderline event to drill and install a fresh water well  Chicken City Farms’ Graduate Campus. Water flows to the students training to become chicken farmers (which helps bring economic development and sustainability to the communities where these farmers build their future farms post-schooling) and serves more than 1,000 people in the neighboring community.

Partner: Water 4 Kids International,

Location: Multiple

Project: Provided borehole wells for Mundidi (benefiting a population of 7,000 including two primary schools, Mundindi and Sihubira); Buwoya East (benefiting a population of 9,700); Lutolo (benefiting a population of 11,500); Wabulenga (serving multiple schools surrounding the area, such as Kira Junior, Wakitaka Primary, Namulesa Muslim, Butiki College and Kira Academy); Korobudi (benefiting a population of 17,800, including the Kisote Primary, Ayago, Panyirenja and Manchester schools); and Wikusi (benefiting a population of 26,600, including two government and three private schools).