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  • Project Goal: To grow a sustainable program that empowers workforce development for youth Cost: $30 per backpack (Goal is to raise $10,000) Purpose/Benefit: Youth Rising is a workforce development program with locations in Mukono and Entebbe. Their goal is to empower young people with training and skills that will provide them opportunities for earning wages. This will help them support their families and pay for school fees. The Solar Power Backpack is made from recycled billboard materials and includes a small solar panel that can be charged during the day and used in the evenings for studying by poor students who don't have access to power in their homes.
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    Cost: $89 per bag (Goal is to raise $15,000) Objective:
    1. To increase safe deliveries through the donation of birthing bags (including baby blanket, wash basin, and supplies for sanitary pads) to local hospitals and birthing centers in Northern Uganda.
    2. To empower vulnerable women at St. Monica’s Vocational School by using their newly acquired sewing training to produce bags and blankets.
    3. To educate women participating in the project through an Adult Literacy Program.
    4. To create both a recurring revenue and sustainable model for Pipeline Worldwide and Sewing Hope Foundation.
    Incentive: For every tote sold, Pipeline Worldwide donates two birthing bags