Goal: The combined medical, water, and power system in the Ayillo refugee settlement, is a prototype of a comprehensive solution for a turnkey infrastructure. Through a partnership with ASU, Medical Teams International and Pipeline Worldwide, this container was installed in a location that will provide significant benefit to a deserving and resource-constrained population for years to come. 

Partner: Arizona State University, Medical Teams International


  1. Clean drinking water through UV sterilization.
  2. Improved and expanded vaccine refrigeration capabilities.
  3. A new electric vaccine refrigerator and power to the onsite staff housing
  4. Over 10,000 watts of electrical power capacity with 60,000 watt-hours of battery storage.
  5. Expanded medical clinic space
  6. A 5-year maintenance warranty
  7. A remote monitoring platform for the power system.   All these services have improved the life of thousands of Sudanese refugees.