Goal: 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing nations, according to the World Health Organization. This is due to numerous challenges including the distance to the nearest birthing center, costs associated with delivery, the requirement to bring your own supplies (baby blanket, sanitary pads, and in some cases your own rubber gloves), and the limited amount of staff to serve the needs.

Goal Cost:

Partner: Sewing Hope Foundation, Loft + Manor


  1. To increase safe deliveries through the donation of birthing bags (including baby blanket, wash basin, and supplies for sanitary pads) to local hospitals and birthing centers in Northern Uganda.
  2. To empower vulnerable women at St. Monica’s Vocational School by using their newly acquired sewing training to produce bags and blankets.
  3. To educate women participating in the project through an Adult Literacy Program.
  4. To create both a recurring revenue and sustainable model for Pipeline Worldwide and Sewing Hope Foundation.