Goal: According to Medical Teams International’s December 2019 staff housing study, 282 healthcare workers are serving 129,418 refugees in the Palorinya settlement in Moyo.  Of those 282 healthcare workers, only 40 of them have been provided permanent housing.  The remaining 242 healthcare workers are living in inadequate housing (tents or semi-permanent structures). In order to address this situation, Pipeline Worldwide has addressed this problem by creating the Battle of the Boxes competition. Three teams each consisting of a developer, architecture firm, construction contractor, engineering firm, university and healthcare organization. Has converted a 40′ shipping container into housing that will sleep 6. It will also come fully furnished with solar power, mattresses, bedding, lighting, desk chairs, and mosquito nets. The idea was to develop 3 different prototypes and train a local team on how to convert these containers using local materials with a $15,000 budget.  These 3 prototypes will be shipped to the Palorinya settlement where 18 healthcare workers will have permanent housing.  After performance evaluation, our goal will be to build container housing for the remaining healthcare workers who are living in inadequate housing.

Goal Cost: 

Partner: Medical Teams International

Impact: Besides providing permanent housing for 18 healthcare workers, Pipeline Worldwide will also be providing a housing prototype that is affordable, sustainable and desirable to live in.  Additionally it will empower local trades and contractors for ongoing projects.  The biggest impact will be Medical Team International’s ability to attract and retain quality healthcare workers who will improve the health and wellbeing of refugees in Palorinya.