Pipeline Worldwide Reversible Tote


In partnership with Loft + Manor and the Sewing Hope Foundation.

When you buy a bag, you…

  • INCREASE safe deliveries through the donation of birthing bags to women in Northern Uganda.
  • EMPOWER vulnerable women at St. Monica’s Vocational School.
  • EDUCATE women through an adult literacy program.
  • CREATE recurring revenue and a sustainable partnership.
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The Problem: 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing nations, according to the World Health Organization. This is due to numerous challenges including the distance to the nearest birthing center, costs associated with delivery, the requirement to bring your own supplies (baby blanket, sanitary pads, and in some cases your own rubber gloves), and the limited amount of staff to serve the needs.

Additional information

Weight .68 oz
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 3 in

Pink, Blue, 1 Purple Chevrons/Grey Tweed, 2 Purple Checks/Blue Stripes, 3 Red Plaid/Multicolor Dots, 4 Red Plaid/Blue Circles, 5 Blue Circles/Orange Tweed, 6 Blue Circles/Orange Plaid, 7 Green Heather/Orange Plaid, 8 Pink Diamonds/Grey Tweed, 9 Pink Diamonds/Grey Tweed, 10 Geometric/Blue Marble, 11 Blue Marble/White Twill, 12 Blue Cheetah/Orange Tweed, 13 Blue Cheetah/Orange Tweed, 14 Blue Cheetah/Grey Tweed, 15 White Twill/Multicolor Dots, 16 Multicolor Dots/Grey Tweed, 17 Grey Stripes/Aqua Tweed, 18 Grey Stripes/Blue Circles, 19 Grey Tweed/Multicolor Dots, 20 Grey Tweed/Purple Tweed, 21 Blue Circles/Green Tweed, 22 Blue Circles/Green Tweed, 23 Blue Circles/Green Tweed, 24 Blue Circles/Grey Tweed, 25 Green Tweed/Grey Tweed, 26 Burgundy Twill/Multicolor Dots, 27 Blue Stripes/Grey Tweed, 28 Blue Dashes/Blue Stripes, 29 Orange Stripes/Blue Hatch, 30 Orange Triangles/Blue Hatch, 31 Blue Flowers/Orange Dots, 32 Orange Triangles/Green Weave, 33 Orange Circles/Orange Arrows, 34 Orange Triangles/Green Weave, 35 Orange Dots/Blue Flowers, 36 Multicolor Stripes/Blue Flowers, 37 Multicolor Stripes/Blue Flowers, 38 Multicolor Stripes/Orange Dots, 39 Blue Hatch/Orange Dots, 40 Orange Circles/Orange Dots, 41 Red Wave/White Hex, 42 Red Weave/Blue Hatch, 43 Blue Hatch/Orange Triangles, 44 Blue Hatch/Blue Flowers, 45 Multicolor Stripes/Orange Circles, 46 Green Weave/Red Wave, 47 Orange Circles/Orange Dots, 48 Dark Geometric/Red Geometric, 49 Green Lines/Grey Twill, 50 Burgundy Geometric/Burgundy Triangles, 51 Blue Stripes/Light Dashes, 52 Blue Stripes/Light Dashes, 53 Green Geometric/Blue Geometric, 54 Blue Tribal/Red Hatch, 55 Teal Lines/Dark Blue Hatch, 56 Teal Tweed/Grey Tweed, 57 Grey Lines/Blue Lines, 58 Dark Blue/Geometric Circles, 59 Blue Flowers/Red Tweed

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