Goal: Due to the influx of refugees, the number of boda boda (motorcycle) accidents, and other trauma injuries, the need to support increased trauma in northern Uganda is a high priority.  St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor employs one of the two orthopedic surgeons who serve 4,000,000 people.  The SIGN Fracture Care initiative provides training and a lifetime of nails (implants) to St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor.

Goal Cost:

Partner: St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor

Impact: When a person living in a low- or middle-income country breaks an arm or leg, it can easily send their whole family spiraling into poverty—a breadwinner can’t work, a student can’t go to school, and a caregiver can’t provide for their family. SIGN Surgery enables a patient with a fractured bone to walk in 1 day, leave the hospital in 1 week, and be back at work in 1 month. SIGN Supporters enable us to donate surgical instruments and implants at no cost to hospitals or patients, so that every person who needs healing surgery can access it.  Dr. Sylvester has already attended training and has performed 20 SIGN Fracture Care surgeries.  He estimates that he will average 60-80 surgeries each year.  Prior to SIGN Fracture Care only 7% of tibia fractures, 0% of humerus fractures, and 57% of femur fractures were treated.