Goal: Two teachers’ families will live in this duplex. This high quality home will help attract quality teachers (who are scarce) at St. Thomas Aquinas College and in this part of the Country.

Goal Cost: 

Partner: E3 Africa

Impact: St. Thomas Aquinas College is a new secondary school in Moyo, Uganda that offers education for 7-12 grades.  It is founded by E3 Africa which is a nonprofit organization in Phoenix, Arizona. Fr. Robert Aliunzu is the Founder and from Moyo.  He understands the needs for quality, secondary education for vulnerable children in his region.  This is the first preparatory school in this region and will significantly impact education goals in this community.  The school is also the central hub for community education and events. In February 2020 it opened its doors for the first 200 students in grades 7 and 8.  Each year they will add another grade through grade 12.