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  • Know someone traveling with Pipeline Worldwide and you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation towards their trip cost? If so, please use our online checkout and then email with the name of who you are donating on behalf of.
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    • Naming rights for the event and including of logo on all event materials
    • Signage at event, website, on email event marketing, and social media
    • Includes two 8 top tables
  • Please consider donating to Terrell McKinney's trip with Pipeline Worldwide this summer. Pipeline Worldwide is a non-profit organization founded in 2008. Our mission is to focus on three main goals:
    • Create connections
    • Make sustainable change
    • Impact the lives of people
    Pipeline Worldwide is a registered 503(c) charity. Your charitable donation is tax-deductible. Your donation will impact lives in Eastern Africa. Pipeline has partners on-the-ground fostering sustainable change.
  • Goal: Two teachers' families will live in this duplex. This high quality home will help attract quality teachers (who are scarce) at St. Thomas Aquinas College and in this part of the Country. Goal Cost:  Partner: E3 Africa Impact: St. Thomas Aquinas College is a new secondary school in Moyo, Uganda that offers education for 7-12 grades.  It is founded by E3 Africa which is a nonprofit organization in Phoenix, Arizona. Fr. Robert Aliunzu is the Founder and from Moyo.  He understands the needs for quality, secondary education for vulnerable children in his region.  This is the first preparatory school in this region and will significantly impact education goals in this community.  The school is also the central hub for community education and events. In February 2020 it opened its doors for the first 200 students in grades 7 and 8.  Each year they will add another grade through grade 12.
  • Goal: To design and build a prototype for a duplex that will house and attract quality educators to the school. Cost: $50,000
  • Goal: 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing nations, according to the World Health Organization. This is due to numerous challenges including the distance to the nearest birthing center, costs associated with delivery, the requirement to bring your own supplies (baby blanket, sanitary pads, and in some cases your own rubber gloves), and the limited amount of staff to serve the needs. Goal Cost: Partner: Sewing Hope Foundation, Loft + Manor Impact: 
    1. To increase safe deliveries through the donation of birthing bags (including baby blanket, wash basin, and supplies for sanitary pads) to local hospitals and birthing centers in Northern Uganda.
    2. To empower vulnerable women at St. Monica’s Vocational School by using their newly acquired sewing training to produce bags and blankets.
    3. To educate women participating in the project through an Adult Literacy Program.
    4. To create both a recurring revenue and sustainable model for Pipeline Worldwide and Sewing Hope Foundation.
  • Project Goal: To grow a sustainable program that empowers workforce development for youth Cost: $30 per backpack (Goal is to raise $10,000) Purpose/Benefit: Youth Rising is a workforce development program with locations in Mukono and Entebbe. Their goal is to empower young people with training and skills that will provide them opportunities for earning wages. This will help them support their families and pay for school fees. The Solar Power Backpack is made from recycled billboard materials and includes a small solar panel that can be charged during the day and used in the evenings for studying by poor students who don't have access to power in their homes.
    • Event signage
    • Includes one 8 top table
  • Goal: Due to the influx of refugees, the number of boda boda (motorcycle) accidents, and other trauma injuries, the need to support increased trauma in northern Uganda is a high priority.  St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor employs one of the two orthopedic surgeons who serve 4,000,000 people.  The SIGN Fracture Care initiative provides training and a lifetime of nails (implants) to St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor. Goal Cost: Partner: St. Mary's Hospital Lacor Impact: When a person living in a low- or middle-income country breaks an arm or leg, it can easily send their whole family spiraling into poverty—a breadwinner can’t work, a student can’t go to school, and a caregiver can’t provide for their family. SIGN Surgery enables a patient with a fractured bone to walk in 1 day, leave the hospital in 1 week, and be back at work in 1 month. SIGN Supporters enable us to donate surgical instruments and implants at no cost to hospitals or patients, so that every person who needs healing surgery can access it.  Dr. Sylvester has already attended training and has performed 20 SIGN Fracture Care surgeries.  He estimates that he will average 60-80 surgeries each year.  Prior to SIGN Fracture Care only 7% of tibia fractures, 0% of humerus fractures, and 57% of femur fractures were treated. 
  • Partner: Sewing Hope Foundation Project: Container Bunkhouse Project Goal: Convert container into bunkhouse for farmhands Cost: $7,500 Purpose/Benefit: The Project C.U.R.E. container that is being delivered to Lacor Hospital in Gulu, Uganda will be purchased and relocated to Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe’s farm which is located near Atiak, Uganda.  Pipeline Worldwide recently sent two students to train at a vocational agricultural school.  These graduates now run the farm and oversee the 75 prisoners who also work on the land daily.  The container will be converted into a bunkhouse for the farmhands.  The food grown on this farm serves the women and children who attend St. Monica’s Vocational School and preschool.  It also supplies their restaurant that is also located on their compound.  (*Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe was voted by TIME “Top 100 Most Influential People” in 2014 and was a CNN Hero Recipeint.)
  • Project Goal: Provide 20 sewing machines), mattresses/bedding for 40 girls and sanitary pad material for 500 girls Cost: $10,000 Purpose/Benefit: Set Her Free equips Uganda’s most vulnerable young women with the knowledge and skills that they need to lead self-determined lives, forever breaking the cycle of poverty. The organization provides rehabilitative and health services, as well as formal education and vocational training, in order to address multiple common challenges that threaten to derail the lives of young girls and women in Uganda. The program boards 40 girls during a six- month vocational training course, where they learn to make reusable sanitary pads and how to tailor as a trade. Sewing machines, sanitary pad material and is in need of mattresses, bedding, nets, and pillows for the dorms.
  • Out of stock
    • Signage at bars, website, and social media
    • Includes one 8 top table
    • Event signage
    • Includes one 8 top table
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    • Event signage
    • Includes one 8 top table
  • Project Goal: Provide one container with $500,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment to Moyo Hospital benefiting over 250,000 patients seen at the hospital and surrounding clinics per year; container will then be repurposed into a store for St. Thomas Aquinas College. Cost: $35,000
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