Day 9 – Our last morning in Moyo was the highlight of the trip for me. We traveled to Agugwe. This is a remote village in Moyo, and the people living here have never had access to clean drinking water. On our last trip in April, the roads were so treacherous that we had to ride in district Land Cruisers in order to reach the community. The Chairman told us that they had made some improvements to the road, and I couldn’t believe what a difference it was on this trip. There is still some work to be done, but we were able to drive in this bus, and it didn’t take as near as long. Great progress!
Moses, our partner with JOY Drilling, greeted us at the bottom of the hill. We picked up some of the local leaders along the way, and made a stop at the first portion of the project. This was the solar station that would power the pump. Kelly did a walkthrough with the assessment team before we made our way to the second station.

The second station was the pump house that was installed at the water source. We were surprised to see the large, enclosed building structure but grateful they took security seriously. Our team also saw the uphill path that the community had to trek each day carrying 44 pounds in each jerry can to fetch water. Some of us walked up a portion of the path to meet the road, and we were drenched in sweat without carrying any additional weight. Their daily trek is grueling!
The bus picked us up and took us to the final station of this project which was the 10,000 liter tank that will be pumped full of water and provide the community clean drinking water throughout the year for decades to come. I was overcome with emotion seeing this final piece of the project and thinking about this impact.
This project that will provide thousands of people clean drinking water, will improve the health of the community, will allow more kids to go to school, will ignite economic development, and will change the course of the Agugwe community forever… and this happened because local experts participated in the solution design and so many people participated in the funding. There wasn’t one big donor but rather many medium and small donors that contributed. The money multiplied and then it became transformative. One of the local leaders said, We have been praying for this all of our lives. This is a miracle!” And that is exactly what we witnessed…a miracle.

I’ve learned to never underestimate God’s capabilities and will, but knowing we were all vessels in His plan and watching His work pour over this community and our efforts was magical. Thank you, thank you, thank you…for being a participant. Words can’t do justice for what this means and the impact it will continue to have.

Our short flight seemed appropriate for how we were all feeling. We were flying high and looking forward to the celebration we were going to have at the Paraa Safari Lodge. Stay tuned for the final post of our safari adventures.