Apollo Karugaba lives in Kampala, Uganda and is our Africa Director. He wrote our Day 3 Travel Blog.

And BEHOLD!!! They made it! They made it over the oceans, the hills and valleys, they made it beyond the “American and European jungles” 😁. And Behold, they grace us with their presence. They are finally here, in the heart of Africa, the home to the mighty river Nile and the Mountain Gorillas. Oh, how we’ve waited! Waited in hope and untamed anticipation.

The journey ahead as ever promises a cocktail of emotions. We will traverse communities, spreading hope and love. Making far lasting memories with a people so infectious with their warm hearts. Bonds will be created and friendships birthed. Uganda will become a second home, but above all, Ugandans will become brothers and Sisters.

As the team’s Ugandan connection, I beam with pride of what’s ahead. And with God at our side, at the end of it all, we will never be the same again.
Welcome to Uganda, team. — Apollo.