Finally in Uganda – written by Blaise Wagner. He is a Senior at Northern Arizona University. He is also the son of Scott Wagner, a Pipeline Worldwide board member. This is Blaise’s first trip to Africa, and he shared his travel blog with us today.

Technically, our third day of the trip still. I’m writing this after a long series of travel days, just officially arrived in the capital of Uganda, Kampala; staying at the Fairway Hotel. Already this trip is off to a great, but rather interesting start. Our last leg to Entebbe was cancelled from day one in Phoenix. And we ended up arriving in Brussels on the International strike day in Europe which meant the airport, many local shops, public transport, and all the tourist destinations were closed. We flew through Chicago from phoenix originally and while everyone was tired, stressed, and jet lagged I think the crew did a good job of keeping our spirits up!

The first night in Brussels, four of us (Blaise, Chris, Waverly, and Scott) went out to explore a bit of the town. Specifically, the Grand Place. A winding area of slough-like alley ways, castles and waffle shops. It was amazing seeing the different cuisines, drinks, fashions, attitudes. Truly a different culture.

The second day was split between spending the morning at the airport figuring out the last bit of travel, and afterward taking the rest of the crew to Grand Place. Some of us took electric scooters through town and got to see some of the daily lifestyles up close, super cool! We all stopped to eat and drink at a local restaurant, Ecelsior; where we had some interesting foods like grilled sole, which is just fish. And a cooked rabbit, topped with gravy, which tasted surprisingly like thanksgiving turkey!

But now, we are finally in Africa. I, for one, cannot wait to see what awaits us in the coming days! But for now, after 3 days of travels, the last being 19 hours long…. Sleep!